To donate tickets, please follow the instructions.

To electronically transfer tickets:
  1. Please be sure to pay the nominal transfer fee as we do not have the procedure, authorization or resources to make any kind of payment.

  2. Note that the Yankees no longer allow you to transfer tickets directly to another email. They only allow for cell phone transfers, which we cannot participate in due to HIPPA.. They can only be transferred via mail.

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To mail hard copy tickets (like Yankees or Broadway):
  1. For mailing instructions, send an email to:

  2. Note that tickets mailed require 5-7 business days. It is best to use a express service. We will include this additional cost in your donation total for IRS purposes.

  3. If it is after 12 pm on a Friday and the game is scheduled for this weekend, please call Ronald McDonald House at 212-639-0100. Many of our patients and their families reside there. Tell the operator that you have tickets to donate and you will receive directions. Thank you.